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Vagante is an action-packed platformer that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels. Play cooperatively with friends both locally and online, or adventure solo in this challenging roguelike-inspired game.

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Support for up-to 4 players Local and Online Co-op - Join your friends and jump into the adventure!

Class-based, Choose How You Play - Choose a unique class, skin, and background, then customize your character further as you play with your choice of unique class skills at each level.

Procedurally Generated Dungeons - With procedurally generated levels, no two runs are ever the same, allowing for countless hours of gameplay.

Permadeath and permanent specializations unlock system - As players progress further in the adventure, they will count with a broader range of playstyles, their characters won't be technically stronger but instead their experience and learnings will make their skills improve over time.

Enchanted Items - Discover magic items that bestow powerful enchantments and game changing abilities.

Discover Secrets - Keep track of unlocked classes, backgrounds, music, and more in the Book of Secrets.

Explore a Rich World - Explore four unique areas each with their own set of dangers such as monsters, unique bosses, and traps.

Tough, but Fair - Play a game designed for players looking for a challenging but rewarding experience.
nuke9 Nuke Nine is a 3 person North-American studio that was founded in late 2013, after they quit their jobs to start working full-time on their first project Vagante. The studio is formed by Eugene Paik (programmer), Kyle Tenan (programmer) and Keo (artist), who started working together in 2010 on various game projects. For Vagante, they were joined by brilliant composer Sam English.f 2017 together with Devolver and Croteam.
BlitWorks Based in Barcelona and founded in 2012, BlitWorks is a porting and digital publishing studio notorious for the outstanding quality of its ports.

Recent works include the conversion of acclaimed games such as Super Meat Boy, They Are Billions, Spelunky or Don’t Starve to all brands of consoles and mobile platforms.