They Are Billions

They Are Billions is a strategy game in a distant future about building and managing human colonies after a zombie apocalypse destroyed almost all of human kind. Now there are only a few thousand humans left alive that must struggle to survive under the threat of the infection. Billions of infected roam around the world in massive swarms seeking the last living human colonies.
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Developed by
Numantian Games
Base Building Strategy Survival Real Time Strategy (RTS) Steampunk Indie Tactical Isometric
Date of release
Jun 18, 2019
Jul 5, 2019
Xbox One
Jul 9, 2019
PlayStation 4
ESRB Rating
Teen ESRB rating icon
  • Blood and Gore
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Use of Tobacco


Real Time Strategy
Real time with pause and thousands of units on the screen.
Great Company
Campaign with 48 missions with over 60 hours of gameplay.
Fight a mob
Destroy the Infected mobs with the Imperial Army.
Build your colony
Make your colonies evolve with over 90 technologies available.
Explore the ancient human fortress with your Hero.
Endless maps
Survival strategy game with randomly created maps


What people are saying...

PlayStation Country
They Are Billions offers a unique take on the RTS genre and one of the most thrilling, and scary, zombie experiences you can have in a game.
PlayStation Country
COG Connected
They Are Billions is an absolutely solid pick up and a real steal for its price point. It has a great aesthetic, solid gameplay, and a difficulty curve that is as impressive as it is aggravating.
COG Connected
They Are Billions has received a groundswell of support and appreciation over the past year, and that comes down to it excelling as a defensive RTS experience you’ll come back to time and again.
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