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BlitWorks Games is the evolution of BlitWorks, which started in 2011, when it was hired by SEGA to port Sonic CD and Jet Set Radio thanks to its previous work developing emulators as a hobby for their systems.

After that we received more inquiries, so we realized there was definitely a need that we were covering, and decided it was worth focusing on game porting with the two values that made the initial ports a success: strong low level programming skills and technical console knowledge (and of course a love for games that make us polish every port as if it was our own project).

During all these years BlitWorks did many console ports for games like the Don't Starve series, Bastion or Spelunky 1 and 2 (also co-developed the sequel doing all the coding).

BlitWorks was known for its faithful conversions, some of them have been widely praised by players and critics, such as Divinity: Original Sin 2 for Nintendo Switch (Metascore of 93).

We invite you to visit our BlitWorks site with all the details of the games we ported and published during the previous years to the creation of BlitWorks Games.

Our reputation

"It was only because of BlitWorks’ amazing technical skill that we were able to make that happen, and I’m grateful for their work on the pixel-perfect port,” Happ continued. “Even though the game’s been out for a little while on other systems, the Wii U version is probably the best one. It’s the only console version to support leaderboards for the dedicated Speedrun Mode. And the Wii U GamePad will allow people to have the world map viewable at all times without pausing the game – or to play Off-TV"
The Xbox port of SOMA wouldn’t have been possibly without the wonderful work from @blitworks. Lots of props to them for a job well done!
Part of it is (as you can see above) as Kasvin says, es that theres’s a lot of emotional work tied up in the game you’ve worked on, and you now have to put that trust in someone else to deliver a product. In their case, kasavin says Supergiant was willing to pull the plug if the porting process wasn’t going to deliver a game they were proud of, but luckily, BlitWorks proved more than up to the task, producing the version of the game you can see today.
Just a small update that development on Spelunk 2 is going well! We’re happily plugging away on fun stuff. ;) @strotchy and I fell really fortunate to get to team with @BlitWorks to make this sequel. Thanks to @shahidkamal and @Playstation for introducing us to them in 2013!
Derek Yu
Yay, a loophole to work Spelunky into this year’s awards! But seriously, BlitWorks did as incredible job porting it to PS4, as well as Fez, Don’t Starve, and OlliOlli to extra PS platforms. Basically, they re the reason why many of the raddest digital games play best on PlayStation. Respect!
Nick Suttner
Amazed with the job @BlitWorks has done on the Vita version of FEZ -actually smoother than Xbox360 version.
Shahid Kamal Ahmad