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Slipstream is a racing game inspired by the visuals, music, games and cars from the late 80s and early 90s. It's built on a custom game engine, with an authentic retro feel and unique graphics. The soundtrack, drawing from synthpop and jazz fusion influences, sets the tone for a race across a variety of exotic locations from all around the world, including cities, deserts, forests, mountains and beaches. Drifting and slipstreaming mechanics add depth to the driving gameplay, and the result is a challenging and exciting experience.
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Race Arcade Indie Retro Multiplayer
Date of release
May 21, 2018
Apr 7, 2022
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
ESRB Rating
Everyone ESRB rating icon


Local split-screen fun, up to 4 players!
Time rewinding
Made a mistake? Press the rewind button to travel back in time for up to 5 seconds and try again.
20 Different tracks
Set on a variety of exotic locations all around the world... and beyond.
5 Playable cars
Inspired by classic models from the 80s and 90s.
Accessibility Options
There are 3 difficulty levels to choose from, some visual effects can be turned off and, most importantly, the game speed can be reduced up to 50%, giving players more time to react, but keeping the game physics exactly the same.
Original soundtrack
with 9 exclusive songs by Stefan Moser (Effoharkay).
6 Game modes

Grand Tour: Scenic trip through five stages, with rival racers to beat and branching paths to choose.
Cannonball: Freely customizable race mode with optional traffic, rivals and other racers.
Grand Prix: Championship mode composed of five races, with season scores and optional car customization.
Single Race: Simple race mode, with customizable settings.
Time Trial: a solo race against time.
Battle Royale: an elimination endurance race mode.
And much more
Mechanics such as drifting and the slipstream, rival characters and secrets to discover...


What people are saying...

The 'git gud' philosophi is core to the Slipstream experience, but with such incredibly responsive controls, learnable and memorable tracks, and five very different cars to work with, you soon find a formula that works for you.
Plays like an old school dream, right down to the four-player split screen option which took me back to Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge as a tear escaped down my cheek. The ultimate evolution of the super scaler tech of my youth at a ridiculously cheap price.
God is a Geek
Even Yu Suzuki would be proud of this tantalising obe to a timeless era of arcade racers. Splipstream is stunning!
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